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Winter 2022 "New Olympus" Update

I have been thrilled, overjoyed, and mighty humbled with the performance of "New Olympus" on the contest circuit this past winter. As my first pilot, this has helped me navigate the contest and fellowship world. It's introduced me to some incredible festivals, vexhibitions, and contests.

Let's start with the poster artwork I came up with to end the year and feature my 2022 laurels:

I was blown away by receiving multiple awards in certain festivals.

  • Best Pilot Script, Magma Awards

  • Best Drama Script Nominee, Magma Awards

  • Best Action, Sci-Fi & Fantasy Scripe Nominee, Magma Awards

  • Best Queer Screenplay Nominee, Magma Awards

One that meant the most to me outside best pilot was best queer screenplay nominee at the Magma Awards as a nod to Emmett Payne and his delightful, sexy foils in the script. I'm committed to representing LGTBQIA+ storylines in my scripts, so this meant a lot.

Now, let's talk finalist awards:

It's currently in the finals of The Great American Script Contest. The winning scripts are read by agents at Circle of Confusion, Innovative Artists, and Kaplan/Perron. Fingers crossed my pilot progresses further in the competition. Fingers crossed it advances.

It also placed as a finalist in the Finalist, NYC International Screenplay Awards. I have to say, I love their laurel.

The script came in the semi-finals for the Scriptmatix Fellowship. This was my first time applying for a fellowship, so I was really pleased to make it so far.

Finally, "New Olympus" snagged two Quarter-Finalist laurels in two competitions:

  • Quarter-Finalist, Emerging Screenwriters Genre Screenplay Competition

  • Quarter-Finalist, Chicago Screenplay Awards

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