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NYC Midnight: Round Three

Thrilled to announce I've advanced to the third round of NYC Midnight. The cumulative scores of my scripts for the first two rounds pushed me into the top five of my group. The competition has dwindled from 1,600 writers worldwide down to the top 160. The competition heats up this Halloween weekend. Writers will again have 48 hours to write a killer five page script based on three randomly generated prompts, so we can't do any prep in advance. Believe me, I've tried.

Here were the results from the Second Round:

I came in 12th place out of my group of 36 and gained the few points I needed to advance into Round 3 after coming in 2nd place in the Round 1. I may have played it a little safe this past round, so I will be sure to push myself. Writing an amazing five page script with clear conflict, arc, character, and incorporating your prompts isn't easy -- and doing that in only 48 hours is even more of a challenge.

But that's why I love NYC Midnight. The prompts and the ticking clock force you to get out of your head and get to writing.

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