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"New Olympus" Snags Its First Contest Placement and Laurel

After two years of development, "New Olympus" is finally making the rounds in screenwriting contests around the country. I'm pleased to announce "New Olympus" has placed in my favorite monthly screenwriting competition, Wiki: The World's Fastest Screenplay Competition. The folks at Wiki have been so supportive of my short scripts, so it means the world to come up a Finalist.

I also received some incredibly helpful feedback on my "New Olympus" logline today from the Nashville Film Festival Pitch Competition (2022). While I didn't place in the contest, the suggestions for how to improve my logline were enormously helpful. Unfortunately, they have a word limit so I had to cut down the original logline I worked on for months. But that's okay because I learned a lot.

Here's the new and improved version:

Logline: "The reluctant modern-day descendant of Pandora, Liz Payne, vows to trap all of the Original Evils back inside her ancestor’s cursed box once and for all. Can Liz claim her destiny as the new owner of Pandora’s box before her hometown is overrun by evil?"

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