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"Fallen on Hoard Times" Reading

I just received the reading of my one page script, "Fallen on Hoard Times."

"Fallen on Hoard Times" was inspired by time in a Dramatic Improvisation troupe DICE. I initially came up with Hal the Hoarder in an attempt to generate some serialized characters like you'd see on SNL but with a dramatic twist. I thought it would be interesting to have a series of improvisations cleaning up a hoard and examining why someone would keep that specific item. I was a bit daunted by the concept of a one page script competition. How can you introduce a whole story, conflict and characters in just one page? I went back to my old standby Hal once again. Though Hal doesn't actually make an appearance in the script (though he can be heard rattling around in his hoard and then leaving), he inspired "Fallen on Hoard Times." He's been rattling around in my head for years, so it was great to commit him to paper finally and make a little space for new ideas.

Logline: "Eva Brown must help her hoarder brother clean his apartment (and his life) before he gets evicted. In the process, she uncovers the real reason why he has such a hard time letting go of material objects."

CAST LIST: Narrator: Shawn Devlin Eva: Hannah Ehman

I am a huge fan of Matthew and all the folks at Wild Sound for incredible work they're doing to connect writers and actors. They did a fantastic job on this.

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